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Want to know what happened during our Competitive Programming Contest? Read this text feed your curiosity.

On 7-8 September 2019, COMPFEST Final Competition was held. Five competitions are categorized in this COMPFEST Competition, including Competitive Programming Contest, Indie Game Ignite, IT-Case Business, Capture The Flag, and Innovation App Competition. In the CPC (Competitive Programming Contest), the final competitors was held at the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia for 2 consecutive days. There are two branches within the Competitive Programming Contest, Junior Competitive Programming Contest, and Senior Competitive Programming Contest.

Day 1: Final Junior Competitive Programming Contest

On the primary day, the event opened with a gap ceremony. After that, the competition began! Junior Competitive Programming Contest (JCPC) individuals consist of people, particularly people who are nonetheless in high school or center school. The students come from various provinces in Indonesia. The number of finalists within the JCPC competition this time is 30 out of 153 registrants. The competition was held until 14.45 and continued with the discussion of questions till the event ended at 17.00 which ended with the announcement of the winner.

There is among the eleventh-grade finalists from Semesta High School Semarang, Pikatan Arya Bramajati, he advised his friends if they want to have the ability to take part in the contest, they should practice a lot of questions. For him, that is his first experience following the COMPFEST Competition. Previously, he began to get entangled in the programming and competition since he was in tenth grade, he mentioned. Pikatan feels challenged by the questions given by COMPFEST. He commented well for this occasion and would highly recommend COMPFEST to his friends.

In the JCPC competition was received by Nicholas Patrick from Cita Hati Christian School High School as Champion, then continued by Dasco Gabriel from Sutomo 1 High School in Medan as 1st Runner Up, Edbert Geraldy from Sutomo 1 High School in Medan as 2nd Runner Up, and Edbert Geraldy and M.Irham Lutfi as Honorable Mention. These five winners gained JCPC and with a mixed prize of Rp. 11,500,000.

Day 2: Senior Competitive Programming Contest

On the second day, the occasion continued for the ultimate of the Senior Competitive Programming Contest (SCPC). The occasion began also started with a gap ceremony and continued with the competitors. SCPC participants consist of a staff of as much as three people from various establishments and universities or the general public. The variety of finalists within the SCPC competition is 20 teams out of 176 groups. The competition on the second day ended longer, finishing at four:30 pm and continued with the discussion of questions.

One of the COMPFEST finalists this time, who has joined SCPC for the third time, is Dewita from the Institute of Technology Bandung. She talked about her pastime of programming started from studying arithmetic which she often competed whereas she was nonetheless in high school. Then, she went on to the world of programming when she was in college because of the similarities between the 2. “When I was invited to the world of programming by my pal, I am immediately interested in competitive programming as a result of there’s a huge resemblance with Maths, both train the mind for structured considering,” Dewita mentioned when she asked about the beginning of her plunge into the world of programming. She was excited about becoming a member of this CPC as a result of she thought the quality of the questions in the competition was good and it’s not like the problems that had already existed earlier than. “Practice earlier than collaborating in the competitors, should you like it, the process will not be a burden,” Dewi said to pals who’re activists of programming.

The subsequent occasion that was held at evening was Awarding Night which contained the announcement of the winners and award-giving from COMPFEST. In this SCPC the winner was won by the Kth-D team, followed by the 1st runner up by the ntTas team, and the 2nd runner up by the Handsome Fata staff, in addition to two honorable mentions from the we’re accomplished, group and the n, a, m, r, o , n * team. The total prizes brought by the winners are Rp. 27,000,000.

“The purpose why we joined the COMPFEST was that the COMPFEST questions were very challenging and normally need deep evaluation,” said Rafael, one of many winners of the SCPC this. “This competitors was fun. We are joyful to go through with it as a result of it’s difficult. It also prepares us for the following competitions,” the impression was conveyed by Christoper, also a winner from the Kth-D group. The awarding night event ended with the excitement of the winners’ faces and closed with pictures from every team.

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