Noss (National Occupational Skills Standards)

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NOSS Definition
The acronym NOSS stands for National Occupational Skills Standards. NOSS is a document that outlines the dexterity required of an worker working in Malaysia at a certain stage of employment to realize particular abilities.

Main Features NOSS
Follows the profession structure of a given field.
Prepared by a pool of business experts and skilled employees who perform the job.

Skills Standards benefit all stakeholders. The success of a Standards development project will be helpful to the community and is dependent upon the total participation and commitment of all stakeholders. This benefit can be utilized as a benchmark to judge the effectiveness of the joint effort.

Importance to Employers
1. Determine the extent of abilities of the workforce
2. Guide to record the duties and scope of work
three. Evaluation of employee efficiency
4. Save value and time to retrain employees
5. Improve/enhance the quality of productivity, innovation and competitiveness

Importance to Workers/Employees
1. Provide information on scope of work clearly
2. Provide info on profession opportunities in associated sectors
three. Help in career advancement
four. Be the benchmark for efficiency
5. Make the best determination for appropriate training for relevant profession advancement
6. Allow workers to bear training in a flexible method based on the appropriate competency unit

Importance to Skills Training Institute /Trainer/Instructor
1. Development of an appropriate coaching Instructional Material which meets business needs.
2. The coaching centre may design a full-time coaching program or one customized to trade wants
3. Have a clearer understanding of the abilities required by the industry
four. Basic evaluation of retraining needs of instructors/trainers to meet current industry wants
5. Proper career advice could also be given successfully to trainees.

If you don’t know what’s the Code of program that you want to apply:
1. For your Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia via PPT
2. To study at JPK/TVET Accredited Centre or SLDN centre
3. As a JPK /TVET Accredited Centre or SLDN centre

You ought to DOWNLOAD NOSS Registry(Daftar NOSS) first.

After figuring out the code of this system, you could either buy it from:
1. JPK Putrajaya/ Cyberjaya or
2. JPK regional offices or
three. Online at However, it is just valid for 1 year and you may’t print it out (based on customer experience who purchased it on 18/7/20).
4. ISE Education (delicate copy only by way of e mail) – if you don’t want the hassle of travelling there, paying tolls & discovering the very restricted parking space (particularly Putrajaya) and walk a distance! It’s additionally in either word or pdf file the place you can print. And it’s not restricted to just one year 🙂

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NOTE: Effective 1/6/19, NOSS can be priced at RM20/Level (USD20/Level for foreign consumers)

By the way, in case you have not seen the NOSS, it seems like this (old version is printed, now primarily in CD type)

Nevertheless, the READY STOCKS that we now have is sort of restricted to the following:

NEW! Click on the hyperlink to view the Job Profile Chart (JPC)/Competency Profile Chart (CPC)/Competency Profile (CP) samples
1. MP-060-2/three:2013 (Aesthetic Therapist) CPC BEAUTY L2 &BEAUTY L3
2. MP-060-4/5 (Aesthetic Manager) JPC
3. HT-090-/2/3 (Hairdressing) CP & CPC L2 / CP & CPChart L3
three. HT-090-4/5 (Hair Salon Manager) JPC
4. MP-061-three:2012 (Spa Therapist) CP
5. MP (Ear, Hand & Foot Reflexology) Standard Practice, CU and CP
6. MP (Aromatherapy) JPC
7. MP (Massage Therapy) JPC & CP
eight. Z-009-1/2/three:2015 (Core Abilities)
9. L-040-4/5 (Asst Executive Chef/Executive Chef) JPC10. HT-010-half of/3 (F&B Waiter) JPC
11. HT-010-four/5 (F&B Outlet Manager/Manager) JPC
12. P-a hundred and fifteen-half of/three (Motor Vehicle Technician) (OLD NOSS)
13. P-080-4/5 (Automotive Executive/Manager) JPC
14. PH-010-1/2/three (Photography) JPC
15. AA-010-2/three (Account Clerk/Supervisor) JPC
sixteen. AC-030-half of/3 (Musician Rhythm Section) JPC17. AC (Singer) JPC
18. AM-010-half/three (Contemporary Musician) JPC
19. C-010-1/2/three (Domestic Cooling & Air-Cond Mechanic/Technician)
20. EE-021-2/three (Electronic Equipment & Appliance Installation and Troubleshooting) CP
21. FB-010-2/3 (Audit Clerk/Assistant)
22. I (Vocational Training Officer) JPC & Task Profile
23. MP-062-2/three (Makeup Artistry) CPC & CP L2
24. MP (Nail Art Artistry)CPC & CP
25. PR-020-2/three/4/5 (Digital Printing Production/Printing Technology)
26. PR-024-2/three (Graphic Design)
27. EE-320-2/3/four/5:2012
28. TP-307-2/3: . CC-011-three:2013 CPC30. FB-024-2/three:2013 CPC L2

31. TP-077-3:2013 (In-Flight Services)CP & CPC
32. H /5:2017 (In-Flight Safety and Hospitality Coordination/Management)
33. HI-010-three:2013 (Halal Auditing)STANDARD PRACTICE, CP & CPC
34. HI-010-4:2013 (Halal Audit Administration)CPC35. HI-010-four:2013 (Halal Audit Management)CPC
36. HT-062-3:2012 (Operasi Jurumudi Rekreasi)NEW
37. HT-013-3:2013 (Outdoor Recreation Services)NEW
38. MP-031-three:2016 (Tuinalogy)CPC NEW
39. EE-112-four/5 (Electronic System Design)JPC NEW
forty. Q /5:2016 (Mamacare Post Natal)CPC Tahap 4CPC Tahap 5 NEW
41. BC-050-three:2016 (Architectural Draughting) NEW
42. IT-010-three:2016 (Application Programming)CPCNEW
43. IT-121-four:2011 (Database Programming)CPC & CPNEW
forty four. IT-121-5:2011 (Database Programming) CPC & CPNEW
45. IT-058-three:2014 (Graphic Design – Digital)
forty six. ME-020-2/3:2012 (HVAC Single Phase Air-Conditioning)
forty seven. ME-021-2:2012 (HVAC Three Phase Air-Conditioning) NEW
forty eight. ME-020-4/5:2012 (HVAC Design, Installation and Maintenance Management) NEW
49. F /3:2017 (Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) Installation & Maintenance Operation) NEW
50. I :2018 (Housekeeping Operation) NEW
51. I /three:2018 (Food & Beverage Service Operation) NEW
52. TP-022-three:2014 (Fiber Glass Hull & Superstructure)NEW
fifty three. FB-018-3:2012 (Sales & Marketing Operation) NEW
fifty four. FB-018-4/5:2012 (Sales & Marketing Management) NEW
55. BC-066-3:2016 (Hydrographic Surveying) NEW
fifty six. M /5:2017 (Hydrographic Survey Management) NEW
fifty seven. FB-022-4/5:2012 (Entrepreneurship Management) NEW
58. T :2017 (Early Childhood Care & Development) NEW
fifty nine. T /5:2018 (Early Childhood Care & Development) NEW
60. I :2017 (Front Office Operation) NEW

61. MC-071-three:2014 (Industrial Heat Treatment Operation) NEW
62. R :2019 (Singing) NEW
sixty three. H /3:2019 (Drone Piloting/Mission Commanding) NEW
sixty four. J :2019 (Cyber Security Penetration Testing & Assessment) NEW
sixty five. C :2018 (QMI Construction Supervision) NEW
66. NCS-004:2017 (Train the Trainer) NEW
67. BC-044-three:2014 (Demolition Works Operation) NEW
sixty eight. BBR1 (Bar Bender) NEW
69. BRL1 (Bricklayer) NEW
70. PLR1 (Plasterer) NEW
seventy one. TLR1 (Tiler) NEW
72. AC-032-2/3/4 (Traditional Dance Performance/Instructing/Composition) NEW

NEW – NOSS related to IR four.0
You may purchase from us at RM20/LEVEL (USD20 for overseas buyers) ONLY

NOSS may also be bought from JPK (Putrajaya, Cyberjaya or any JPK Wilayah). If it’s too far-off from your place, you could ask us whether we now have ready stocks or not.

NOTE: Effective 1/6/19, NOSS would be priced at RM20/Level (USD20/Level for international buyer).
RM10 postage/service charge if required to burn in CD or if we don’t have prepared stocks.